DIY Product Photo Studio

How to make your own Photo Studio instead of spending $150 on an Amazon one!

Finished Studio. Totally amateur, but it works!

So, I have been trying to get my ducks in a row so that I can start selling our products on Amazon! It has not been easy to set up, and one of the first issues I ran into was getting pictures of the products with a solid white background. Of course their suggestion was to buy their professional portable photo studio for $150! Yes, I will admit that it is a very nice set up, but I'm not trying to spend that much money right now. So I decided to make my own for now!

To start, I found a Walmart box that looked like it would be a good size for my products. I laid it on it's side and cut the side out but left it attached to the bottom of the box. Then I folded that side down into the box and trimmed it so it would fit snug and tight. Now I have the studio for my products!

I decided to use acrylic paint and just got the basic brand from Walmart. I definitely recommend the large bottle to make sure you have enough. I easily used 3/4 of a large bottle. I poured some into a small dish and used a large arts and crafts brush. When you apply the first coat, don't worry about going too heavy, just make sure you cover all of the surface area. Let this coat dry for about 15-20 minutes. I put a fan in front of it so it would dry a little faster and more thoroughly.

Once dry, you can start applying the second coat. Now you want to start applying it a little more generously to fill in all the gaps. Focus on the corners and edges to fill in any gaps that you don't want to show up in your pictures.

After my second coat, I noticed the gaps in the corners at the base were pretty big and paint wasn't filling it. I took a cotton ball and pulled it apart pretty thin and filled the gaps with it. I chose cotton balls so that the white would match the background. Once this coats dries, another layer of paint will cover up the cotton balls if used properly.

For the final coat, I went pretty thick on all areas that had any grooves or imperfections to fill them in. Three coats was perfect to get complete coverage on all the surface areas. Now it's time to let it dry really well and then it's ready to use!

To watch my how-to video on the whole process, go to

Here are some pictures I have taken of my products with my new Photo Studio!

Thank you for reading!

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