This Ceramic Grey Melt Warmer is the perfect décor piece for your home. The neutral color tone allows it to fit in any room you wish to bring an atmosphere of pleasing aromas to.  It can hold essential oil wax melts or a few drops of your favorite standalone oils. With an easily accessible on/off button located on the cord, you can keep the scents coming as long as you’d like!


Ingredients: Just Add Essential Oil Wax Melt

Directions: Make sure your warmer unit is unplugged.
Place on a flat and hard surface.
Add drops of essential oil(s) and/or wax melt to dish at top of unit.
Plug in power source and make sure cord is clear from pathways. Turn on and off by switching the button on the cord.

Do not use over 8 hours.

Do not add oils or wax melt when warmer is hot. It must be turned off and dish must be cool to the touch. Do not touch the oil burner when in operation. Unit gets extremely hot. Ceramic body is fragile. Do not drop and only use on flat, hard dry surface. Make sure cord is clear from pathways adn do not pul plug. Do not use the warmer for over 8 hours at a time. Keep it away from flammable materials and electronic devises. Keep it away from babies, children and pets.

Ceramic Wax Warmer

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  • Comes with your choice of wax bars.  If you would like to add an essential oil, we recommend using the unscented wax.  You will receive 4 wax bars with this bundle.

    Then choose your Essential Oil!

    If you would like additional essential oils, there are add ons under the Essential Oils category at the top of your screen.